About us

Our mission


Since the very first day, we have always been driven by the desire to discover and bring innovation to our sector.

Our competent staff share the same dream: providing confectioners with high-quality, innovative machines and the best service.

That’s why, we are committed to our job and are driven by our thirst for progress and development.

Bilait is the first step towards a new frontier for the confectionery sector, and we want to take this first step with you.

Il team di Bilait
Bilait - Macchine per pasticceria e lavorazione ciocciolato - Qualità Macchine


The attention we put in choosing the components ensures the quality of our results. Every great product is based on this simple rule.

Bilait invests time and resources in the research of materials and the best components for its machines.

A quality machine works for a long time, and this is an advantage for both the client and the manufacturer.

Bilait - Macchine per pasticceria e lavorazione ciocciolato - Garanzia Macchine


Bilait issues an 18-month warranty for all its clients.

We certify our products and we guarantee them in the long run.

Bilait - Macchine per pasticceria e lavorazione ciocciolato - Innovazione Macchine


Quality is the unstoppable thrust that leads to innovation and that distinguishes each member of the company. Bilait focuses on research and development without any restrictions.

Every day, our staff combines commitment and talent to develop our greatest passion: innovation.