Tempering machines line

Counter-top tempering machines

Adam K6 Adam K24 Adam K24 S Adam K60

Conveyor belt for tempering machine

Conveyor belt for the Adam Line

Conveyor belt for Adam K6 Conveyor belt for Adam K24

Cooling Tunnel

Cooling Tunnel for chocolate


Aya K6

Counter-top chocolate melting pot

Chocohot Spray - Macchina per polverizzare e spruzzare cioccolato

Machine for chocolate

Machine for spraying chocolate and cocoa butter

Chocohot Spray Chocohot Spray Double Chocobox

Pastry line

Pastry machines

Minijel Tartlet machine Chitarre
Termoformatrice Flow

Flow A3 Desk

Thermoformer machine

Bilait - Macchine per pasticceria e lavorazione ciocciolato

Manufacturer of chocolate processing and pastry workshop machinery

Bilait is an Italian manufacturer of chocolate processing and pastry workshop machinery.

Bilait arose thanks to the combined experiences of a group of entrepreneurs who shared a common mission: to establish a company that would one day have an international presence, exporting Italian skills and craftsmanship all around the world.

We have been collaborating with Italy’s best artisans and companies from the very outset, with the common goal of creating machines that offer exceptional added value.

We always make sure that our machines’ performance is top notch before they are delivered to our customers. All the machines are kept under strict quality control for numerous days prior to delivery.

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