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Office: + 39 0365 375929 (You will talk with an english speaker)

We operates in Italy
Via Calchera n° 12
Gavardo (Bs) – 25085

General: Info@bilait.it

A quality product makes the difference

Without the focus on component selection, it is not possible to achieve a high level of quality.
This simple rule is the basis of every great product.
Bilait invests resources and work every day in researching the best materials and components for its machines.
A quality machine, it works long in time. This is an advantage for both the customer and the manufacturer.

Secure of our product

Bilait issues a 18-month warranty to all its customers.
We know our products and we guarantee them in the long run.

At your service

Bilait integrates the innovation of telesistance in its cutting-edge machines.
The control panel connected to the individual components of the machine can connect to the home network or Wi-fi and allows us to interact with the remote machine.
Thanks to this, we can soon communicate to you so quickly, the causes of a malfunction of the machine.

Innovation for Life

The unstoppable push towards innovation is the fundamental quality that distinguishes every member of the company.
Without any limitation, Bilait is constantly researching and developing.

Every day our team associates commitment and wisdom in cultivating what is the greatest passion: innovation.